IMG_0104Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted an actual blog post in a while, but I have really been busy figuring out my workflow in getting Beast Bait out on a consistent basis. I will try to get a new post out weekly though so I can talk to you guys! So what I’m really excited about right now is Beast Bait #2 is almost complete. I just finished inking page 19 (spoiler-free pic in this post!!) I’m also almost done coloring page 15, and the script for Issue 3 is finally completely revised. Woohoo! Anyway, just wanted to reach out and let everyone know I’m still alive and not just some disembodied hands drawing, coloring, and writing (though sometimes it feels that way!!!). Hope you guys are all doing great and look forward to some future blog posts from me!


By the way, also remember that page 5 of Issue 2 just released today, in bothEnglish and Spanish!



Go check those out right away and get caught up if you aren’t already! Talk to you guys again soon!

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