The Beast Bait is cursed to roam restless across the world. Wheresoever he goeth, the creatures of the night and the dark, the monsters of the world, will come for him. They will have no choice. Therefore, neither can he.

He must know their natures, their particular strengths and weaknesses. For not only is his own survival at stake, but the lives of those he has placed in death’s path.

Manny Marcado - Beast BaitManny Marcado is the Beast Bait – stricken by an ancient curse, he is constantly hunted by the monsters that hide in the cracks of the world. Only his superior knowledge and particular skills can keep him safe and turn him from prey to hunter.

VanskicharacterAgent Katherine Vanski works for the FBI. Plagued by strange dreams and driven by her mysterious Assistant Director, she has been assigned to work with Manny Marc>ado. She’s tough, intelligent and sarcastic. Is that enough to keep her safe in the dangerous new world she’s just walked into?

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